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Business Profiles

Your business has a story.  Let us help you tell it.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the US economy They make up nearly half of all economic activity, are responsible for sixty six percent of all new jobs, and yet many people will only know anything about the business through advertising or the “about us” page on your website. A professional business profile is a great way to talk about your business in a way that’s interesting and engaging.  Most businesses have an interesting story.  Whether it’s how it started, why it started, who started it, what goes on behind the scenes and more. The story of your business is too important not to tell, and too interesting not to share. With our business profiles, we’ve helped some of the best businesses in New England tell their story. Your story gets people interested in your business, and interested in doing business with you. It highlights the fact that you’re a local business, with local roots and local employees, that’s more important than ever. Business Profile interviews can be shot in our studio or on location wherever your business is. We also shoot accompanying B-roll and add it in appropriately in the edit suite.

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Business Profile Options:

Profile Short Sponsored* (1 minute) $375

Profile Short (1 minute) $565 

Profile Highlights Sponsored* (3-4 minutes) $595

Profile Highlights (3-4 minutes) $945

Profile Premium Sponsored* (8+ minutes inc B roll) $770

Profile Premium (8+ minutes inc B roll) $1255

*Sponsor has 7 second message at open and light logo.

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