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MRT Jewelers

927 Warren Ave, East Providence, RI 02914 (401) 435-3500

David Audette Image

MRT Jewelers is Rhode Island’s Jeweler.  In business for over one hundred years.  David Audette, President, explains what it means to be awarded “Best of the Best” for 2020.

“One of the things that, that makes MRT different, or makes us great, or worthy of being humbly worthy of accepting of Best of award is certainly the people that that work alongside me and work alongside my father, for many years, we have been blessed with the gift of longevity in our employees. For very, very many years. During certainly my early years with MRT, we had little to no turnover. We hold our employees to a high standard; they hold themselves to a high standard. And they take very seriously the fact that they’re working for such an iconic brand. in Rhode Island, a business that’s been around since 1980. We are an extremely busy store, and our employees work very hard. So it’s very easy for my father and now me to see who was going to be able to toe the line who’s going to be able to hang on. It’s not work for the faint of heart. We say no to very few clients, which means that puts the emphasis on us to deliver what it is we’re promising. And I’ve been blessed with some recent new hires and inheriting other hires that believe it or not have been with us, over 40 years at MRT jewelers, that’s certainly a big part of why we are still here. Why we are still relevant. And while we are why we are still growing and innovating in our industry, in the state of Rhode Island.”

927 Warren Ave, East Providence, RI 02914