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For Immediate Release:
Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo has ordered all noncritical retail businesses in Rhode Island to shut down starting Monday May 30th until April 13th to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
This list of Non-Critical and Critical businesses is from the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulations.
Noncritical retail businesses include:
• Arts & crafts stores
• Florists
• Furniture stores (by appointment only)
• Car and other motor vehicle dealerships (except for auto repair and by appointment only)
• Music stores
• Billiard stores
• Sporting goods stores
• Home furnishings stores
• Lawn/garden supply stores (note that agricultural/seafood supply would be allowed to be open)
• Book stores
• Department stores
• Gift stores
• Beauty supply stores
• Second-hand/consignment stores
• Shoe stores
• Clothing stores
• Jewelry stores

Critical retail businesses include:
• Food and beverage stores (e.g. supermarkets; liquor, specialty food, bodega and convenience stores; farmers’ markets; food banks and pantries)
• Pharmacies and medical supply stores, compassion centers
• Pet supply stores
• Printing shops, mail and delivery stores and operations, office supply
• Gas stations
• Laundromats
• Electronics and telecommunications stores
• Industrial, construction, agricultural/seafood equipment and supply stores, hardware stores, general power equipment
• Funeral homes
• Auto repair and supply
• Banks and credit unions
• Firearms stores
• Healthcare and public safety professional uniform stores
• And other stores and businesses identified as critical by the Department of Business Regulation.

Additional guidance from DBR:
• Restaurants and bars may continue to operate only for pickup, drive-through, and delivery as per the Governor’s Executive Order 20-04.
• All critical retail employers are required to implement social distancing and to work from home to the extent possible.
• Financial services offered by pawn shops and payday lenders would be allowed to continue. In-person retail at pawn shops would be considered non-critical and closed.
• For stores that are mixed retail and service, general retail with customers coming in and out of your store is not permitted.
• For non-critical retail stores, although in-person retail sales are not allowed, retailers may continue to receive and ship orders made by phone or online.

Have questions?
The Department of Business Regulation said anyone with questions can email the DBR through its website or call 401-889-5550.