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Established 2020

When you first hear the name “Six Pack Brewing,” you might think, “Oh, what a great play on words for a brewery name,” with the common knowledge of take-away beer being packaged in a six-pack. However, what our “Six Pack” refers to isn’t beer related at all – rather, it’s based on a pack of six dogs that owner Mark Papi has had over the last 22 years: Penny, Timmy, Sheldon, Lenni, Elliott and Ollie. These dogs, as all dog-owners can agree with, are our life. This is something you’ll see as soon as you step foot in the taproom.

Six Pack Brewing is not only dog-friendly, it is also dog-themed: from the photos of dogs that cover the walls of the taproom, to the dog-butt purse hooks along the bar, to the Kennel Club, our brewery’s own mug club, and the Can Kennel, where you can find a variety of our beers packed in cans to-go. It’s not just about the dogs though, even though you’ll often find two of the current pack, Sheldon and Jake, waiting at the door to greet every customer that comes in. It’s just as much about the beer: we have a 2bbl system on which Mark brews creative, high-quality beers – six of which are named after the pack, and new styles being released every month.  


Mark has a long history of brewing, and possess a vast knowledge of techniques, ingredients, and styles. Something which, if you’ve had a chance to talk with him while you’re visiting, you’ll realize right away. From the customer-favorite Penny, our Peanut Butter Milk Stout served on Nitro, to our rotating sour series Elliott, we offer a vast variety of styles, where everyone can find something to enjoy.

 The craft and quality of these beers is something that cannot be overlooked, either. We use real ingredients in our beers, with no extracts or additives to alter the taste, and test everything along the way, to ensure what we’re serving will be the highest quality with the best taste for our customers. We even offer fresh hop water, a nonalcoholic carbonated water with hops added, for when you’re just looking for something refreshing, or prefer the taste of hops without any alcohol.


When you visit the brewery, you’ll find a cozy taproom, a beautiful beer garden complete with pergolas for shade and fire pits for those cooler days and nights, and a selection of ten beers on tap to choose from. You’ll be welcomed into our taproom like we’d welcome you into our homes – with a friendly hello, a great smile, and an excitement to share with you what we have to offer. We took two things we love the most – dogs and beer – and created Six Pack Brewing to share these loves with everyone we can.