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Foster-Glocester-Scituate Special April 2023

Discover Rhode Island’s latest feature is on the towns of  Foster, Glocester and Scituate.  It’s a half hour special that can be seen on ABC (Channel 6), or you can click on the image to the right to watch the show in its entirety. The show will air a total of three times on ABC in 2023.

Upcoming Premiere: Foster-Glocester-Scituate


Discover Rhode Island was started in 2015 with the goal of promoting small and mid-sized Rhode Island businesses. We’ve done that in numerous ways, but none are more important than our television premieres.  When it comes to branding, nothing compares to broadcast television.  We’ve produced over one hundred half-hour television shows so far, and each are either geographic (where we highlight businesses in different Rhode Island cities and towns),  or special shows (that feature specific industries). The most popular of our special shows have been our weddings shows, automobile shows and real estate shows.  So far, our premieres have over a million views between television and streaming and that number continues to grow every day.  And we continue to look for content that people are asking for,  so we’re constantly researching new cities and towns to feature, new businesses to profile, new automobiles to review, and new industries to highlight.

Upcoming Premiere: Rhode Island Wedding Venues

Wedding table and chairs

The Power of Television Combined with Streaming

The combination of network television and streaming is impossible to beat.  Video is the strongest way to get your message across, and streaming augments the audience with the ability to find your segment online, 24/7.  And while streaming allows for unlimited availability, don’t underestimate the power of network TV.  Research shows that the credibility of being on television is one of the best avenues for branding your business..  A recent MRI-Simmons study ranking what medium people trust showed that network TV significantly outranks the internet and is nearly double that of social media. 

The Advantage of Video

Video has the advantage of combining sight, sound and motion is an unbeatable one, and it’s why video is the choice of media consumption for nearly every demographic segment in the world.

The Value of a 3 Minute Segment vs. the Value of a 30 Second Ad

Your video segment allows for you to tell people about the business.  People might drive by it every day, but they want to know who owns it, what really happens there.  This is very different from a commercial, where it’s obvious that you’re trying to sell something.  While people naturally get defensive watching a commercial, they get interested when watching an informative video segment.

Our Discover Premieres are a powerful tool for selected businesses to showcase their products and services.  Because it’s not advertising, a feature segment has credibility and branding power that’s nearly impossible to match.  And the combination of being on Network Television and online streaming means that your segment will continue to be viewed for years to come.

What Businesses Get Invited to be on the Show?

To start with, you have to be one of the best in your industry.  Each industry or town has hundreds, if not thousands of potential businesses to feature.  Our shows unfortunately can only feature a handful.  So we try to choose the best businesses with the most interesting stories.  We do not take solicitations so please don’t contact us to be in the show.  You must be invited.  For each show, we will contact a group of businesses that we’re considering based on a number of factors, and our executive producer will contact those businesses directly.  That’s an important call (or email) and you don’t want to miss it!  If you’re invited to discuss your business, we will typically do it via a zoom to learn more about you.  We put that information, along with your online ratings, years in business etc into a presentation whic we bring to our board.  The board makes all final decisions on who will get an episode in the show.

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mill building

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