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While weddings are typically thought to be huge events, small weddings are quite popular these days. They’re trending recently, as having a limited guest list is one way to get married in light of the coronavirus pandemic. But couples usually gravitate towards small weddings because they’re normally more cost-effective and eco-friendly. If you’re hosting a small celebration, we’ve assembled our preferred little wedding event concepts and pointers to help get you going.

Couples who’ve reimagined their original plans due to the fact that of COVID can still make the day as unique as they ‘d hoped it would be. In fact, a smaller sized wedding event is a chance to produce an incredibly intimate and individualized experience. That’s true if you’re picking to have a small wedding event voluntarily too. Not just can small weddings save you cash, carbon emissions and tension, it’ll likewise allow you to interact socially more with your guests.


Small Weddings



What is a small wedding event?

According to Jenn Johnson, CEO of EPIC Presentations, a little wedding consists of 50 individuals or less. However, she states the less individuals you invite, the more intimate the occasion can be. You can make it an active personal event by welcoming 20 to 40 people, or you can have a VIP-only guest list of 10 liked ones. It’s totally approximately you. Provided the minimal visitor list, small weddings are often hosted at a destination. Nevertheless, considering the existing situations, many intimate celebrations are regional.


Where can I host a little wedding?


Hosting an intimate wedding is all about discovering the right area. Even with only a handful of guests, you want your wedding event location to feel complete.

To achieve this, seek out little and cozy environments versus big, roomy locations. Head over to The Knot to see places in your area and filter your choices based on visitor capacity. In just seconds, you’ll have the ability to review all of the close-by spectacular spots that will bring your small wedding event vision to life. Possibly you want a small garden affair or an event at your favorite white wine bar. A location wedding event is an option for when guests feel more comfy taking a trip too.


How to Have a Small Wedding


Preparation a little wedding event might seem straightforward, however it can be hard to pull off logistically. To help make the process simpler, we assembled suggestions for how to have a little wedding event.


Be Selective About Your Guest List

This one appears obvious, but it can be challenging in practice.

Initially, keep in mind that there are specific people you don’t need to welcome to your wedding. Next, reference regional and nationwide guidelines around celebrations so that you have a clear understanding of what’s permitted. You may wish to commemorate with 50 people, however some places might just permit 20 to 30 people, so keep that in mind as you develop your visitor list. While it can be tough to tell someone they won’t be invited to your wedding event, it’s finest to be sincere. You can constantly discover other methods to include other people in your celebration too.


Select a Venue With a Strict Guest Capacity

If you’re feeling guilty about restricting the variety of visitors yourselves, selecting a place that has a strict capacity can take the pressure off of you. Plus, it’ll give you a reward to continue to trim your guest list.


Avoid the Wedding Party

While having a wedding event celebration is an enduring tradition, you don’t need to have one– particularly if you’re trying to keep the visitor list small.


“Allow yourself to [forego] a wedding event party,” Johnson states. “Include just your closest family and your tight group of besties [on the visitor list]” In lieu of a wedding event celebration, concentrate on curating a list of the most crucial individuals in your life.


Be Strict About Plus Ones

If every invited visitor brings a plus one, your headcount can grow quickly. Prior to sending invites, talk with your partner about your position on plus ones. Generally, plus ones are scheduled for significant partners (implying the couple is engaged or wed). Developing this type of standard is a surefire method to keep your guest list small.


Invite Others to Virtually Attend

Another idea is to turn to technology– particularly because of coronavirus. “Have your ceremony on Zoom if you want to include more individuals or if some family members do not wish to take a trip and/or [others] people don’t feel safe attending a social gathering,” Johnson states. Couples can still implement the concept of a virtual wedding event when gatherings become safe once again too. If you’re trying to keep the headcount down, inviting people to dial in essentially is a terrific solution. They still get to watch you exchange promises, and you get to keep your guest list small.


Plan Two Events: One Small and One Big

If an intimate ceremony is essential to you, produce a different, larger guest list for the reception– just notify your guests of the arrangements. If you desire the whole occasion to be intimate, you may choose to have a big, casual reception a month approximately after your wedding. Obviously, this suggests spending for another event, but it can be enjoyable to have a larger crowd collected in a more unwinded setting. And the best part is you won’t be expected to serve a six-course meal to all your visitors at this kind of event.




Small, Intimate Wedding Ideas

So you’ve put together your small guest list. Now comes the enjoyable part: adding in individual touches for an extraordinary, intimate wedding event.


Customize Your Wedding Stationery

Since you’re sending out 50 or less save-the-dates and invitations, utilize the opportunity to develop an ultra-personalized stationery suite. Order customized engagement illustrations off Etsy for your save-the-dates that depict you and your partner, your wedding venue or your home. For your invitations, pick colors, wording and designs that feel authentic to you. (Psst: The Knot Invitations allows you to customize the text on your invites to make it sound as if you’re providing it yourselves.)


Select a Meaningful Venue

With a minimal guest list, your wedding venue choices open up. Think outside of package for your small wedding event’s area. Book time at your go-to brewery or exchange vows inside a sensational greenhouse.


Invite your guests to a surprise beach inlet, your preferred art gallery or your childhood yard. The choices are limitless, however one reliable method to narrow the search is to consider your relationship. Consider the location you met, got engaged, stated “I enjoy you,” or dined at for those numerous date nights.


Get Your Guests Involved in the Event

The majority of weddings only involve a choose few guests (such as the couple’s moms and dads, siblings or closest buddies). However, if you’re having a small wedding event, you can involve more of your guests. Depending upon the size of the occasion, youan have everyone read a line of an unique reading at the event, have them stand and surround you as you exchange your swears, seat them at one big table at the wedding party, or have everyone attend the wedding rehearsal dinner.


Infuse Your Love Story Into the Wedding Menu

Fewer plates means more food options, so craft a menu that’s tailored to your love story.




Consist of food inspired by your go-to date night dining establishment, special family recipes or the place of your wedding. Or, merely produce a menu loaded with your favorite foods. If you’re total foodies, book a couple of food trucks with various dishes for your guests to peruse. Or, if you love comfort food, serve your guests your preferred pasta or pizza dish. It’s another way to make your visitors feel more linked to your romance.


Concentrate on the Small Details

Little touches like table location cards, thank you notes and favors can make a genuine distinction in the guest experience. Johnson recommends thinking of methods to incorporate little, individual touches into your wedding. For example, she states you can utilize your family’s heirloom china or silver for the table setting or distribute hand-written notes to all of your guests. “Place them at each table setting letting guests know why you’re happy they’re here and thank them for coming,” she encourages.


wedding rings

Your choices for wedding event favors open up with a smaller sized visitor list too. Instead of trying to find wedding favors under $1, you can splurge on something more personal. Think about items like Himalyan pink salt shot glasses or a bag of your family’s unique chocolate chip cookies.


Strategize an Entire Wedding Weekend for Your Guests

Hosting an intimate wedding event with a handful of guests indicates you may actually have time– and extra funds– to invest in other activities or events throughout the weekend. Host a welcome getogether at your favorite local brewery, invite everybody for a picnic at a close-by park the early morning after your event, or plan a group activity, such as a hike or bike trip. Make the most of this time to thank each of your visitors for coming. If you’re hosting a wedding throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we recommend hunting outside activities your visitors can take pleasure in or offering them regional ideas they can delight in by themselves.